Jet Boat Projects
Jet boat performance builds, restores, reconditions and reconfigures several boats a season, the links below are but a few,also be sure to check out the JBP1.0 project archives (bottom of page link)


Project Forum

Projects page link to JBP forums, see what we have in our shop and what other enthusiasts are working on.


Wyoming Eliminator

Drake jet drive to Berkeley jet drive Conversion showcasing our fabrication and Jet Drive conversion skills


Pantera Restoration/Swap

This Mid 80s 18 Pantera was Originally rigged with a Panther drive it is being outfitted with a fresh Berkeley Jet Drive, some engine dress up, general clean-up and gelcoat restoration.Note This is in our opinion a very Good example of one of our many drive conversion effort professionally done in our shop..JBP


Panther Jet to Dominator Swap

Panther Jet Drive Removal...Set Back Dominator Install... please refer our Complete jet Drive section for info on New rebuilt and replacement drives


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