Jet Boat and V-Drive Oil Pans


These are JBP house brand oil pans meteculously built for ease of installation and reliability. Jet and V-drive boats require specially designed and built oil pans with windage trays oil flow control baffles and sump pickups. These oil pans are an absolute neccesity  due to multiple factors such as engine positioning (Vdrives) and specific pan depth requirements (7 3/4" max on most jets) .We also sell all major popular brands such as Hamburger, Dooley, Dan Olson, Canton and Stefs at competetive prices (call or email for price quotes on pans ,not shown or listed We offer pans for All Big and Small block Chevrolet, Ford , Oldmobile, and Mopar applications 

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(example below is a kickout style 12 qt V-drive with internal baffles, windage tray and integral dip-stick)

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