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Jet trim provides attitude adjustment, reducing bow rise on take off, adjusting for boat load, better hole shot.  Less wetted surface generally calculates to higher top speeds.  Great for boats with bow tanks.  Improves low speed trim for tubing, wake boarding and inexperienced skiers.  This addition of this unit will also create that much desired "Roost" or "Roostertail" when installed on many boats .  We believe this will be the single best add on for the money that can be installed on your jet boat. 

Manual Place Diverter® Kit includes trim nozzle, manual floor controller(stringer mount contollers are available upon request), Hi Quality Stainless Steel  control cable, transom cable seal and installation instructions.

Hydraulic Place Diverter® Kit includes trim nozzle with Hydraulic ram, Bennett Hydraulic pump, 20' of wiring harness, Double pull/double throw dash toggle switch and installation instructions.

Check out our Place Diverter® Products Page for additional information and Pictures 
$859 and $969 are for Standard Berkeley® and similar model jet drives, prices will vary on other applications such as Berkeley® E/F pumps, and Jacuzzi jets.  Also upgrades options will change pricing accordingly.  Please call for the best possible pricing -Thanks

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