Panther® Jet Drive to Set-Back Dominator® Conversion

This is a boat we re-rigged a few years back.  We installed an "out of the box" brand new Panther® Jet drive complete with Bronze sleeve and jet-o-vator. The boat had a better than stock 460 Ford motor and did quite well until the owner decided he wanted to go fast.  The boat did a meager 57MPH on GPS with the Panther®.  He's shooting for around 80MPH with the new Dominator ®setup and 650 HP.


The completed setup includes (All New Parts):

  • Dominator® 12-S Jet Drive
  • Dominator® Intake w/Shoe and ride plate
  • Stainless A/B Impeller
  • Droop Snoot
  • FTN Place Diverter
Panther Jet Drive Boat Panther Jet Drive Boat 2 Panther Jet Drive Removal Panther Jet Drive Removal 2
Panther Cut Out Preparation for Glass Work Preparation for Glass Work 2 Preparation for Glass Work 2
Preparation for Glass Work 3 Preparation for Glass Work 4 Building in the bottom Building in the bottom 2
Building in the bottom 3 Building in the bottom 4 Building in the bottom 5 Building in the bottom 6
New Cut Out For Dominator Intake Mock Up Intake Mock Up 2 Setting The Intake
Intake Set In And Bolted Bottom Work Bottom Work 2 Bottom Work 3
Bottom Work 4 Finishing the Bottom Finishing The Bottom 2 Finished Bottom
New Dominator Jet Drive New Dominator Jet Drive 2 Jet Drive Mock Up Dominator Jet Drive Installed
Dominator Jet Drive Installed 2 Dominator Jet Drive Installed 3 Dominator Jet Drive Installed 4 Dominator Jet Drive Installed 5
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