JBP 8 Vane Sportsman High Performance Slit Bowls $695 (limited time)


AGGRESSOR SIGNATURE  9 Vane Performance bowls, Available NOW! 849.00

Jet Boat Performance  "C" bowl

 Intruducing the New Jet Boat Performance reworked C bowl for Berkeley jets , the bowl has been milled and finessed to improve and enhance what is widely thought to be better flow than its original G,A,and B counterparts to begin with.  The exit side of our modified bowl is almost 1 full inch longer than a G and has been refitted with a double drilled exit flange for droops and other "bolt ons".

Here's our Berkeley "C" split bowl conversion , professionally modified to a "split bowl" , doubled drilled on the exit side , new tail shaft bushings, shaft seal,bowl plug  and shipped with bowl gasket Please call or email  for more details -Thanks JBP

Please call for price and availability on the new "Bandit" 9 vane bowls shown above  (Temporarily Unavailable)



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